Jill is a pediatrician, not a career politician. As a doctor and medical administrator, she has devoted her time and energy to improving the lives of all those under her care. In the hospital, Jill solves problems by listening to patients, analyzing data, and weighing the risks and benefits of every potential solution. Rather than shy away from challenging situations, Jill makes difficult decisions every day in order to advance the interests of the patients and families who place their trust in her. As our state senator, she will continue to devote herself to ensuring that your interests come first. 

While career politicians create conflict and gridlock in Richmond, Jill has dedicated herself to the children and families of Northern Virginia. She will bring that same dedication to the State Senate as she fights for the families of District 13. Just like you, Jill is tired of the damage that partisan games and special interests have created in Richmond. As our state senator, she will set aside partisan politics and make commonsense decisions to move Virginia forward.

Jill will work across the aisle to find commonsense solutions to reduce traffic congestion and gridlock. She’ll fight to ensure Loudoun and Prince William Counties get their fair share of transportation dollars from Richmond.

Loudoun is one of only three counties in Virginia without all-day kindergarten. Jill will work to ensure access to a quality education by supporting all-day kindergarten, expanding Pre-K and making Virginia’s colleges and universities more affordable.

Jill knows that when women earn less than they deserve, it affects their entire family. That's why she'll fight to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. She'll also work to keep politicians out of women’s healthcare decisions. As a doctor, she knows that these decisions should be made between women and medical professionals.

Jill will fight to improve our economy by strengthening small businesses, creating new jobs and expanding workforce development programs. She wants Virginia companies to get first crack at state contracts, so our tax dollars help local companies create jobs here at home. She’ll also support policies that spur innovation and encourage entrepreneurs.

Special interests have too much influence in Richmond and too often elected officials are more responsive to them than to their constituents. Jill will strengthen ethics reform to hold elected officials more accountable by banning lobbyist gifts and trips for legislators.  

Jill knows that middle-class families are being squeezed right now. That’s why she will work to keep taxes low on them and Virginia businesses. She’ll also fight to ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely and that Loudoun and Prince William Counties get their fair share from Richmond.

Jill knows our Commonwealth is a better place when all citizens are treated equally. She supports equal rights for LGBT Virginians, including marriage equality, and she’ll fight to put an end to workplace and housing discrimination.