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October 30, 2015                                                      



ASHBURN – Earlier today, career-politician Dick Black unleashed a desperate attack ad against Dr. Jill McCabe – pediatric emergency physician, mom and community leader – in a last-second attempt to keep his State Senate seat.

Unfortunately for Senator Black, his attempt to obscure his extreme record explicitly violates Virginia campaign finance laws. 

McCabe campaign manager Scott Remley released the following statement:

“Career politician Dick Black’s sad attempts to obscure his record of vilifying our LGBT neighbors, undermining women’s right to make their own health care choices and apologizing for spousal sexual assault are only made worse by the fact that he used a commercial that explicitly violates Virginia campaign finance law.

“For someone who claims such reverence for upholding the law, this is deeply troubling.  If career politician Dick Black really is a man of principle, he will immediately take down his illegal campaign ad.  If he wants to keep his seat in the Senate, perhaps Black should spend more time listening to voters and sharing their values instead of hiding his record with unlawful actions.”

According to Virginia Code § 24.2-957.1: “2. If the advertisement sponsored by the candidate or the candidate campaign committee makes reference to another clearly identified candidate, it must include a disclosure statement spoken by the sponsoring candidate containing at least the following words: "I am _______________ (or 'This is _______________') [Name of candidate], candidate for [Name of] office, and I (or 'my campaign') sponsored this ad." The candidate or the candidate campaign committee may provide the oral disclosure statement required by this section at the same time as the visual disclosure required under the Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C. §§ 315 and 317, is shown.” 

Black's ad fails to include the disclaimer.

This is the second time this campaign Senator Black has openly violated campaign laws – earlier this year, Senator Black unleashed a demeaning sexist attack against Dr. McCabe and working women and parents across Northern Virginia, all while highlighting his experience as, among other things, a herpetologist (or, “reptile enthusiast”).  Senator Black later claimed he took the ad down because it failed to include the proper disclaimer regarding his military service.

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    Scott and Jill - Good Luck tonight....Thanks for ensuring I got my vote in. Next year my kids will be voting, along with me!
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