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Hello, I am Jill McCabe’s father, Dave McFarland. I stopped by my daughter’s campaign headquarters this week and asked if I could guest-write a campaign update because I want to tell you all a little bit about Jill that you won’t hear anywhere else. You all know her as the doctor who took care of your sick or injured child in the ER. Or you know her as a neighbor or parent from school. Some of you only met Jill recently when she started campaigning for the State Senate race. Well, I’ve known Jill all of her life and there are a couple of things I want to share with you about this woman whom I am beyond proud to call my daughter.

Jill with her dad, Dave

When Jill was a little girl she was adorable but clumsy as can be. The first time she climbed up on a jungle gym, she fell off and broke both of her arms! True story. Today, Jill competes in triathlons, 100 mile bike rides and, if you know her, you see that she is extremely athletic. She wasn’t born that way – she worked hard at it, like she does everything else. As a child once she decided she wanted to do something, by golly she did it and she did it better than anyone else around her.


At age 5 she announced that she was going to be a doctor. In medical school Jill studied hard…maybe harder than a lot of other kids. She was in the top of her class and she was selected for a prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship at the NIH. She did so well in that she was granted an additional scholarship that paid for her fourth year of medical school! She has always been a superstar and no matter what the environment, Jill rises to the top.


After her residency up at C.H.O.P. (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), Jill was anxious to get started taking care of children.  She joined a peds practice that had about 500 patients at the time. She got in there, became a partner and worked to give patients and families the best possible service and within a few years the practice was caring for more than 4000 patients! That’s Jill. She rolls up her sleeves, figures out what needs to be done, does it and is successful. Every time!


As for her professional skills…when I wear my McCabe t-shirt around Loudoun, people stop me without knowing who I am and tell me that Dr. McCabe saved their child’s life. This happens routinely…since this campaign started, I can’t count the number of people who have said this to me. I remember a time when Jill and Andrew and the kids were driving up 95 to Philadelphia to help out a friend. A guy in front of them went off the road and into a ditch. Andrew pulled the car over and Jill jumped out and started working on the guy. Apparently he had suffered a heart attack. She did chest compressions and CPR until the paramedics arrived. A few days later I get a phone call from the hospital asking if Jill would please contact this woman at this number. I gave her the information and she called up and the woman said to Jill, “You’re the angel who saved my husband’s life.”


How could you not want someone like this representing you in Richmond?


This sense of service to others is in our family blood. My grandfather and father were both doctors. My wife and I have helped many foster children and today we run a family foundation that provides college scholarships. Jill is an extension of this family culture of serving the people in our communities. It’s in her's who she is.


I didn’t mean to take up so much of your time. I just wanted to share with you a more personal side of my daughter. My wife and I are incredibly proud of Jill and we are excited to see how this campaign plays out. We are very grateful for all the support she is getting from her supporters – from both side of the aisle. Some of our friends have said to us they’ve never voted for a Democrat in all their lives…but they will now!


Thank you for voting for Jill McCabe, my fantastic daughter, on November 3rd.





Dave McFarland

Jill’s (very proud) Dad


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    Dad, Great article. Can’t believe what Spanky David Dennison has done or said. He is a propaganda specialist. Makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout. Sorry about what happened to your daughter and son in law. Hope he won’t fire the AG. But he probably will. <br /> Keep the faith. Republicans no b_ _ _ _ _!’
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